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GSGI Advisory Agreement



[Advisor’s Name,

[Advisor's address and contact details]



Dear [Customer name],


Please read this letter/email carefully.

The terms apply when you appoint me to help you and advise you in relation to schools or other matters, following our introduction by the Good Schools Guide International (“GSGI”).

If you agree to the terms of this letter, please sign it at the end to signify your acceptance and return the signed copy to me. If you instruct me or continue to instruct me after you have become aware of these terms, either by reading the hard copy contract or the website, that will mean that you agree to be bound by them.

I either am subject to or will respect the terms of The EC Directive on Distance Selling (Directive 97/7), ratified by the Consumer Protection (Contracts Concluded by Means of Distance Communications) Regulations 2000, and this letter contains the information that that directive requires. In particular:

1) IDENTITY. The supplier of the services that you will receive is [name of Advisor (or his company if incorporated)].

2) DESCRIPTION AND PRICE. The services and the price payable are outlined (together with the value added tax and any other relevant tax applicable) on the GSGI website

3) PAYMENT. The payment for the services you require under these terms must be made at the time of contracting with me (unless otherwise stated) and may be made by debit or credit card.

4) CANCELLATION. You may cancel this contract at any time.

1.         You are seeking my advice to help you make decisions about schools, or to assist you in other ways. I will be providing advice on the basis of my own experience and through my involvement with the GSGI.

If I am helping you with schooling, it is very important that you give me complete and accurate information about your children, and about your ambitions for them. There is no such thing as a good school in the absolute sense: it is all a question of finding a place that suits your and your children’s needs.

The service that I offer includes consultation in person or over the telephone, e-mail or fax. I will if required undertake research. I will make clear to you before doing anything else how much time, and therefore expense, is likely to be incurred.

I will not hesitate to tell you if I feel that I am not the best person to help you. If I know someone who would be better, I will give you their contact details. I will happily pass on to anyone who takes over from me all the information which you have given to me, and such information which I have gleaned on your behalf, subject of course to your putting the request in writing so that I can comply with EU regulations.

I cannot stress too much that I do not hold myself out to be an educational expert, and that I shall be helping you to make decisions rather than making decisions for you. While I will share my experience and views with you, my advice is limited to suggesting schools which you might consider. Any decisions that you take on the schooling of your children should be based on your views and research, and you should not rely solely upon the views and opinions I supply.

I will also (if requested) share my general experience, opinions and advice about life in this or another country.

2.          The Good Schools Guide International’s standard fees are set out on the GSGI website ( and in the schedule to this letter. In broad terms, there is a standard fee, and an hourly rate if the work involved goes beyond that usually required. I will discuss with you what the fee is likely to be in your case before you are committed to anything, and will keep you in touch with how things are going.

[Note on local taxes if any are payable on fees charged].

My fees do not include anything for expenses: I will not seek to charge for minor items such as phone calls and postage, but if I incur substantial or unusual expenses these may be added to your bill.

Fees are payable up front: I accept all usual cards, or your employer may have made arrangements for the GSGI to invoice them. If you feel that the service I have provided has been unsatisfactory, I will refund you.

3.          You have asked me to communicate with you using the e-mail, telephone and/or fax number  ________________ , unless you tell me otherwise.

4.          All information that you provide me with, and all discussions between us, will be held in the strictest confidence, unless you instruct me otherwise. To drop for a moment into data protection jargon, I will be storing and processing, whether manually or electronically, personal data (and on occasion, sensitive personal data) relating to you and /or the child and /or the child’s parents and if necessary, family members. I will take reasonable measures to preserve confidentiality (such as having a proper password on my computer, and not leaving your papers on the bus), and will store your data only for the period that I am required to advise you and to keep records of work that I have done. If I find anything which may be of interest to you, you hereby authorise me to use your contact particulars to send that information to you. You may at any time ask me not to use your contact particulars for this purpose. I shall observe the minimum requirements of the European Union’s Data Protection Directive and the United Kingdom’s Data Protection Act 1998 in relation to personal data which I process relating to you or your child(ren).

5.          This agreement is between you and me only. Although you may have been referred to me through the GSGI, the Good Schools Guide, Lucas Publications Ltd or another associated organisation, I am not an agent for nor am I in partnership with any such organisation for the purpose of this Agreement. Other than acting as my agent, such organisations are not responsible for the fulfillment of this agreement.

6.   If you want to work with someone who you can sue for bad advice, please find somebody else. All liability for breach of contract, breach of duty, negligence or any other kind arising out of my appointment is hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted, save for liability for death or personal injury or any other liability which the law does not enable me to exclude or restrict. Nothing in these terms and conditions will create any rights for third parties under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

Right to Cancel

You may cancel this agreement at any time, and I will then refund you any part of your fee which I have not earned.

  1. If you are not happy with the service please contact me or, if you prefer, contact GSGI through any of the means shown on their website. It is GSGI policy to refund customers who are not happy with the service that they have received.

10. This Agreement is subject to and governed by the Laws of England and Wales and the Courts of England and Wales and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English and Welsh Courts over any matter arising out of or touching and concerning this Agreement including its validity.



Flat fee                                                                                                                          £495

Flat fee covers up to first three hours of any combination of telephone, email or in-person advice (usually quite adequate)

Each additional hour                                                                                                      £150


I trust that you will find these terms satisfactory. Please call me if you have any questions.

Yours sincerely,






Please sign and return the duplicate of this letter, or reply to this email, to signify your acceptance of these terms.