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Many parents living abroad want their children assessed before considering UK school applications...usually in English, maths and reasoning.  The Good Schools Guide Advice Service can help: just Click here.

Thinking about Uni in the USA?

THE FOURTH EDITION of our funny and popular British student's guide to US universities is NOW OUT, back in stores and available for sale at With over 68 reviews of selected US unis, and newly updated articles - especially about scholarships, SATs, and insight into American dating (!) this guide walks you through the process of choosing a university, applying and paying for it.

Click here to buy  Uni in the USA: The Definitive UK Guide to Universities in the US or go to our website Uni in the USA...and Beyond , which includes not only the US but reviews of unis in Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada. 

Does the GSGI cover the globe?


We add and update countries and schools every day. Before you subscribe, check the box above or the list of Cities We Cover (under Feature Articles) for the ones you want, including:










New York (specially for expats)


...and many more.

But we're always looking for new editors! Currently looking for qualified editors to cover schools in


Abu Dhabi








Barcelona name just a few.

For more information about the job and how to apply, click on  Want to Work For Us?

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The Guide to top international schools worldwide.

The GSGI finds, visits and reviews the best schools worldwide for children ages 3-18, state or independent.

Moving your family overseas and looking for schools?

What if your company makes you brexit?

The Good Schools Guide International should be your first stop.

It was, for this New York Times article.

Our writers don't shy away from judgement calls. All school reviews are unsolicited - selected, paid for and written by the GSGI...not the school.

That means complete editorial freedom, so we pull no punches; you'll get crisp, clear advice and the inside scoop on schools, headmasters, sports, school runs, local traffic...and life in general for expats in each city. 

The GSGI chooses which schools should make the cut. Schools are in (or out) whether they like it or not.

• Independent reviews of British, American, IB and international schools in over 55 cities worldwide.

• Brisk, personal education overviews for every city we cover.

If your family is moving abroad, YOU NEED THIS GUIDE.

Find schools and cities in the drop down menu on the left.  See if we cover the ones you need, and sample a few of our Feature Articles .

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A first class guide to world class schools...

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Thinking of University in the USA?

  • Go to Uni in the USA...and Beyond for reviews on selected universities, written by British students, plus all the info you need to choose, apply and fund a US university education. Find out about breaking into the Ivy League, getting a sports scholarship, or what it's really like on a US campus.
  • To BUY THE BOOK, Uni in the USA in paperback: Go to Uni in the USA.
  • Go to USA College Day23rd and 24th September 2016. Put on by the US-UK Fulbright Commission. 6,000 students, 170 colleges and universities, all under one roof for one incredible night and day.  ILEC Conference Centre, 47 Lillie Road, London SW6 1UD. 
  • Attention Career Counsellors and 6th Form Heads: "How to Get In: Basics of Applying to University in the USA". 23rd September 2016. Kensington Close Hotel, London.  Intensive one day professional training for career counsellors, school advisors and career guidance counsellors or any school representative helping a student navigate the US admissions process. Admissions officers from Harvard, Yale, Vanderbilt, U Penn, NYU etc advise on US-style transcripts, reference letters and school profile; choosing the best uni fit; creating successful applications. Put on by The Good Schools GuideFulbright Commission and Wellington College. Early Bird registration will begin in May 2016. Contact if you wish to be on our conference mailing list.

Over 280 articles about international schools abroad

To help you plan, or give you heart. 

When it's time to go home... Coming Home to Roost: The Pleasures and Perils of Returning to School in the UK

At long last...Paris!

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And Further East...


This brisk and chock-full educational overview gives snapshots of international schools in Bahrain plus tips on what's up with the whole schooling scene.

And is anything more stressful than choosing the right school for a five year old (or younger)?

Read the new Elementary? Choosing a Primary School

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